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Whether you prefer online or one-write the Binary Collection System is easy to use

The innovative design of the Binary Collection Program's online or one-write system makes managing delinquent receivables as easy as using a checkbook or online banking.

To assign an account simply complete a transmitter as you would a check and forward it to AmerAssist, online or by mail, for immediate action.*

This one-step process creates a permanent record on your one-write or online system ledger (which is password protected) and you use this information to notify us when the debtor pays.

Options on the transmitter allow you to select the intensity of the pre-litigation collection effort to be made on each account during the Binary Program's Primary Phase. These options include a pre-collection Audit Bureau Balance Verification at no additional charge, which allows you to avoid alienating future business. Complete instructions are provided with your system, and customer service is always available should you require information or assistance.

The profit improvements attained from AmerAssist's lower rates and consistently higher recoveries, in addition to the strongest guarantee in the industry, have made the Binary Program a logical choice for America's most astute companies.

(*)Other forms of transmittal are available for volume accounts such as computer printouts, magnetic tape, ledger cards, debtor lists, invoice copies, copied checks, email or other electronic files.

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As easy to use as a checkbook or online banking

Customer service is always available

Monthly Activity Status Reports also available online

Pre-collection balance verification audits available at no additional charge

Guaranteed results!

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