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AmerAssist's Binary Collection Program substantially reduces DSO and write-offs for a wholesale distributor.

Situation: A large wholesale distributor experienced a critical increase in their days-sales-outstanding and write-offs, when internal collections and expensive legal efforts failed to liquidate delinquent accounts in their receivables portfolio. Family shareholders were faced with signing personally on a bridge loan, when their trade association recommended AmerAssist's Binary Collection Program.
Solution: The CEO selected AmerAssist's online solution with its quick and convenient access to account monitoring, performance analysis audits and instant updating. There was no software to install and the program's simplicity transformed the efficiency and effectiveness of their internal process in the very first month of use. Third-party collection costs are now less than 10% of amounts collected and cash flow is positive once again.

AmerAssist's Medical Claims Division accelerates cash flow and reduces a hospital's costs for recovering delinquent self-pay balances and third-party provider claims.

Situation: During a large-scale computer system conversion and software transition, outstanding self-pay balance accounts and third-party provider claims created a cash flow shortage so severe that receivables financing was required.

Solution: The hospital's new CFO turned to AmerAssist's Medical Claims Division for comprehensive assistance.
Professionally trained medical collectors and custom medical contacts were utilized to promote prompt payments without patient alienation. AmerAssist functioned as a cost-effective extension of the hospital's staff to swiftly restore cash-flow and claims processing to a current basis.
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