AmerAssist A/R Solutions

The Secondary Phase
Workout Division (SPWD)

The Binary Program's Secondary Phase is provided by a full-service workout division, which includes one of the nation's most comprehensive litigation services departments. It is specially structured to pursue and salvage second placements (i.e., accounts that have previously been worked unsuccessfully by a collection agency as a primary placement). In this Secondary Phase, payments are directed to AmerAssist while providing the industry's most comprehensive approach to collecting hard-core accounts.

Utilizing sophisticated recovery strategies, this intense Second Phase of service is implemented in a manner that gets results, while preserving your reputation. AmerAssist's state-of-the-art, automated support systems monitory, assist, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness, of each collection effort while providing management information for daily, hands-on decision making.

AmerAssist's Workout Division maintains responsibility for negotiating, processing, remitting and accounting for all payments and settlements, in accordance with your guidelines. Collector workstations are supported by powerdialing headsets and LCD screens, which provide full account history information, and access to email and word processing technology for personalized communications. This comprehensive assistance provides AmerAssist collection professionals with the knowledge and the time necessary to effectively conduct asset searches, intensive skiptracing as needed, and personalized negotiations and follow up on every account. AmerAssist is even more designated as a Western Union Quick Collect, PhonePay and American Express MoneyGram receiving agent for instant, local, debtor payment at over 20,000 locations nationwide.

At your discretion decisive court action may be brought to bear when necessary, in the debtor's locale, through our worldwide network of collection attorneys.

AmerAssist assures service excellence and provides you with virtually every remedy available that is allowed by law. This is why AmerAssist's recovery ration is more than double the national average!

The Workout Division's services are provided for a straight contingent fee, which includes litigation when warranted, at AmerAssist's expense. Bad checks are also handled on the same no collection - no charge basis.

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AmerAssist's Workout Division provides every collection remedy allowed by law

Sophisticated recovery strategies get results while preserving your image

SPWD is responsible for negotiating, processing, and accounting for all payments and settlements

Collector workstations supported by powerdialing, full account history screens and tools to effectively conduct asset searches and skiptracing, maximizes results

AmerAssist is an authorized Western Union Quick Collect, PhonePay & American Express MoneyGram receiving agent

Decisive court action when necessary

No collection -
no charge!

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